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Our Values

Work hard, smart & swift
  • Nurture a culture of tenacity, perseverance and sheer hard work Be innovative
  • Opportunities to innovate are everywhere, everyday. Grab them
  • Take responsibility for your own agenda and priorities
  • Take some risks. If you are not making mistakes, you are not trying hard enough
Be frank, be honest
  • Be frank, fair and non-political and expect the same treatment for yourself
  • Do not be afraid of conflict, when it is required and is just
Stretch for your customer
  • Fully understand and fulfill needs of internal and external customers
  • Do not tolerate mediocrity. Stretch, Excel and Exceed
Be obsessed with quality
  • Display attention to quality every single day, from the very top down, and from the bottom up
  • Remember and teach that small things lead to perfection, but perfection is not a small thing
Discover your strengths & those of others
  • While we are bonded by shared values we must encourage and respect rich diversity in skills,
    experiences, knowledge, talents and personal styles
  • Success comes more from exploiting strengths than from overcoming weaknesses
Succeed as a team and as an individual
  • Strike a balance between people and task orientation
  • Empower and delegate, but don't over delegate
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