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Campus Wi-Fi Solution:


Netway Networks is Super Fast Wi-Fi internet service provider and CAMPUS Wi-Fi provider for schools, colleges, universities. Be it a B-School, Engineering College, International School, University, Training institute, we offer the best-in-class Campus Wi-Fi to suit the very unique needs of educational organizations.

Netway Networks also provides access to various public hotspots across your places which enables higher mobility for the stake holders of educational institutions i.e., students, professors, staff and management to access Wi-Fi on educational tours, Student Festivals, Campus Events and National International conferences using different wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc from their Laptops, Smart phones, I-pads. In other words, you can stay connected with Wi-Fi network in the campus and off the campus across.

Netway Networks Campus Wi-Fi provides the educational institutions with the end-to-end solution from Design to Deployment, Secure User Authentication through E-mail, Effective Bandwidth distribution, traffic management, Per User Log details & Billing, 24/7 back end support. We provide turnkey, customized, industry standard and education-centric Wi-Fi solutions exclusively for the field of Education.

Our Campus Wi-Fi networks are ideal for:

  • Universities
  • B-Schools
  • Technological & Research Institutes
  • Engineering Colleges
  • International Schools
  • Businesses and Corporate Campuses
  • Government Bodies

Campus Wi-Fi  Why?
Reasons for Campus Wi-Fi FOR EDUCATION

  • Campus Wi-Fi based on the Wireless IEEE 802.11n standards.
  • High speed Wi-Fi coverage across the campus
  • Hacking-resistant and Secure Connectivity
  • Consistent Wi-Fi performance at range, Indoor and outdoor
  • Integration support with Campus E-learning tools
  • Aesthetic set-up and no cabling
  • Easy Integration of Wi-Fi by simply plugging a power outlet portables, cafeterias, auditoriums, Conference Halls, and Lecture halls
  • On-demand deployment options in 7-10 days

Big Benefits with Campus Wi-Fi

  • High powered and cost effective Wi-Fi connectivity for complete campus
  • Multiple networks for Students, Teachers and Administrators
  • Optimal Wi-Fi speed and Secure Wi-Fi and Wireless Connectivity
  • Seamless Wi-Fi roaming for Students, Faculty, Administrators
  • Easily integrated with college Learning management system (LMS) and Content management system (CMS) and Career Management Centre
  • Complete end to end turnkey solutions from design to implementation to 24/7 support services.

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